Pin company booth on exhibitor plan

Exhibitors and sponsors - Company profile

In your role as editor, you can assign a booth number to any exhibitor in their company profile. The booth number will be displayed in the exhibitors list.

See: Layout options for exhibitors and sponsors

You can also mark the position of any exhibitor booth on your floor plan via a pointer.

See: Floor plans

The booth number and the floor plan with the marked position will be displayed on the company profile page and on the floor plan view listing all rooms and exhibitors.

You can upload an individual graphic for the pointer icon, e.g. the favicon of the company:

See: Company profile - Adding company logo



Navigate to > Content > Exhibitors & Sponsors

1. Open the desired company profile and go to the tab "Location".

2. Select the floor plan you want in the from the dropdown field "Floor plan".
The floor plan will then be loaded.

3. Enter the booth number into the field "Booth no".

4. Click with the left mouse button in the floor plan on the position of the exhibitor's booth until a marking pin appears. The position is automatically transferred to the "Booth position - longitude" and "Booth position - latitude" coordinate fields.

Move marking pin:
Left-click again in the floor plan on the new position of the exhibitor booth until the pin appears at the new position.

Note: The marking pin cannot be "touched" and moved" with the mouse.

Delete marking pin:
Clear the contents of the fields: 

  • Floor plan

  • Booth position - longitude

  • Booth position  - lattitude

5. Save your changes

  • Update- to stay on the page

  • Update and close - to return to the overview list

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