Update content

Conference App – Basics

Your app uses different mechanisms for updating, depending on the content.

1. Update the programme

As an organiser, you update the programme manually in the backend of the program planer

Navigate to
> Program planner > "Program list view" or "Program calender view"

Click the "App update" button .

Note: Depending on the amount of data the update can take several minutes.

In addition, we initialise an automatic update from 7 days before the congress. This is carried out once a day overnight.

2. Automatic updates for all other content

All other content you create in the app is automatically updated, so:

  • menu

  • exhibitors and sponsors

  • plans

Every 60 seconds, the app automatically checks whether new content has been published or modified, and displays the current version.

Optional: Manual update on

It is possible that your browser accesses older data from the cache in order to load the app faster. In such cases, it can be helpful to update the data locally.

    1. Open the "App" menu item in the footer of the navigation menu.
    2. In the new view, click the "Update data" button.

Note: This update only affects your device, not that of other users.

No change visible yet?

If the changes are still not visible, reload the application:

1. Case: Desktop

--> Close and reopen the app


--> Refresh the browser by pressing the F5 key.

2. Mobile view on smartphone or tablet:

Close and reopen the app