Insert link to messages

Messages / Notifications

Besides the standard title and text, you can add additional content and properties to your messages.


Display of messages in message list (desktop view)

Open the form for creating the messages:


Inserting a link

A link to the following destinations can be displayed under a message:


  • External url - to link to an external web page

  • Internal page - to link to another page from the app menu

  • Exhibitor - to link to one of your exhibitor profiles within the app

  • Event - to link an event from your program 

In the "Linked text" field, you need to define a link text that will appear below the message text, e.g. "More information".

To send the message at the set publication date, click the button

  • Add - to save but stay on the page

  • Add and to overview - to save and switch to the list view

  • Add and new - to immediately create another message. 

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