Upload file on behalf of a submitter

File management

As coordinator, you can upload files (e.g. e-poster, paper, audio or video files) on behalf of the submitter.

Condition: You have ordered the appropriate project configuration so that upload forms are available.

Step 1: Select the abstract to which the file is to be linked

There are several ways to find the abstract you are looking for. 

See: Finding abstracts

Open the edit mode of the abstract you are looking for.

Step 2: Upload file

The edit mode of the abstracts opens.
The tab "Content" with the view "Edit the abstract content" is preset.

Scroll all the way down to the available upload forms.

Select a file in the appropriate format and click Save.
A message will confirm the successful file upload.

In case of an error you will receive a meaningful error message.

If you want to delete the file again, check the checkbox and click Save.

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