All abstracts

Search for abstracts

In the Users section you will find all abstracts that have been created, regardless of whether an abstract has been submitted or not.

The overview will help you if you:

  • complete the abstract submission on behalf of someone after the deadline (the author has forgotten)

  • re-submit an abstract for a person

  • want to know how many people have not completed the submission before the deadline

  • edit the profile information of a person

Navigate to
> Users
> User management

To get an overview, filter by role: "Submitter" and click the Search button. You can also enter the submitter's name in the search field.


The results list shows all abstracts created and who submitted them. The abstracts are coloured according to their submission status.

Black S-No. = Submitted
The abstract was successfully submitted.

Orange A-No. = completed
All mandatory information has been completed, but the abstract has not yet been submitted.

Grey A-No. = created
Abstract has been created but mandatory information is still missing.

Edit abstract

When you click on the linked abstract number, e.g. A-300, the abstract submission form will open. Here you can do the following:

Create a new abstract

Selecting this button image.png allows you to submit a new abstract for someone else.

Edit person

The form with the person's user data opens when you click on the pencil icon in the "Submit" column.

Here you can perform the following actions:

  • Change email

  • Change name and reference address

  • View the history of sent emails