Insert phone numbers

Menu items and page content

In your role as editor you can link phone numbers in your text so that the number can be clicked and called directly from the mobile app.

Navigate to > Menu > Pages 

and open the desired page in the tab "Content".

 1. In the text editor, enter the phone number in international format and double-click to highlight it.
(Any text or image can be linked to a phone number, but it is advisable to always write out the phone number again).

2. Click on the icon for embedding hyperlinks.


3. Select in the input mask 

  • Link type: URL

  • Protocol: <other>

  • URL: Enter the link attribute "tel:" and the phone number here.

Format: international country code, area code without leading zero, phone number, all without separator.
Example: tel:+49123455667788

4. Save your entries by clicking the OK button.

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