Submission after deadline

Submitting abstracts

As an organiser, you have different options to allow abstracts to be submitted after the original deadline.

Extend the regular deadline

The easiest way would be to extend the regular deadline. This is often anticipated at the beginning of planning, but not communicated externally.

Upside: simple and straightforward.
Downside: The review process should only start after the regular deadline has been reached

See: Extending deadline 

Submit abstracts on behalf of the author

As an organiser you are not bound by the deadline. You can enter all the information requested during the abstract submission yourself. Or, if authors have already add an abstract in the system but have not submit it in time, you can complete the submission for the authors.

Upside: You can easily add abstracts without extending the deadline.
Downside: You must obtain all information from the author that is mandatory for submission, e.g. the preferred presentation type, the topic or even the institutes of co-authors or email of the presenter.

See: Creating a new abstract on behalf of an author
See: Finalise submissions for authors

Late-breaking submission

The Late-Breaking-Deadline enables an additional, separate submission procedure, which can run beyond the regular deadline or can be set up after the regular deadline has passed. Thus, recent scientific developments can be incorporated into conference planning even if the regular submission and review process has already been completed and/or the planning process is already advanced.
Late-Breaking abstracts are recorded and marked separately in the system.
The Late-Breaking-Deadline can also be used as a workaround for late minute submissions.

Upside: You can start your review and planning undisturbed, as the abstracts cannot be withdrawn or edited by the author.
Downside: In case you want to use this deadline to give latecomers the opportunity to submit their abstract, you have no control over who all submits an abstract.
Requirements: none

See: Enable Late-Breaking submission

Invited speaker submission

The Invited-Speaker-Deadline enables an additional, separate submission process that can run beyond the regular deadline or be set up after the regular deadline.
The Invited-Speaker-Deadline is not open to the general public, but opens a submission process only to speakers with the "Invited Speaker" role.
Invited-Speaker abstracts are recorded and marked separately in the system.

Upsides: you have control that only invited speakers use this submission procedure.
You do not have to ask for the contents of mandatory fields afterwards.
Downsides: none
Requirements: You create the speakers in the "User" area. Alternatively, we can import a speaker list for you. You need the correct e-mail addresses of the persons.
Often our Invited Speaker Service is booked with further options. Please contact us.

See: Enable Invited-Speaker submissions